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Manufacturing Capability – Meeting Global Standards

Customer Profile: A leading tire distributor in the USA

Problem: The customer was looking for a reliable and experienced company to design and develop products that were priced attractively and that adhered to their stringent quality standards and processes. The customer was seeking comfort as to the quality standards of manufacturing in the factory we proposed.

Solution: Omni invited the customer to conduct an external audit of the factory we proposed to manufacture the products. This exhaustive audit was conducted by Smithers, the leading tire testing consulting firm in the world, and brought to light a number of areas for improvement.

Using Omni’s experience and technical expertise, we resolved the concerns raised within two months. Smithers was again invited for a second audit. With all the corrective and preventive measures in place, the factory successfully cleared the audit and the client was ready to launch the product made at that manufacturing facility.

Furthermore, at the request of our customer, we conducted product tests on a number of parameters such as ride & handling, dry & wet braking, noise, mileage, rolling resistance, oven aging and endurance. Those tire tests were conducted against tier 1 and tier 2 competitors like Michelin, Cooper, GT, Hankook and Nitto. Our tires passed all the tests and were found to be comparable to the sample in most of the test parameters, despite being priced at a more affordable level.

Result: Today we are manufacturing a huge number of tires for this customer.