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One word defines the values and mission of Omni United: Innovation.

Innovation and creativity is what drives me and what motivates my team. When we say innovation, we don’t just mean technical innovation; just as importantly, we mean new ways to look at every aspect of the industry, from manufacturing to marketing and distribution.

From the days we started working in Omni United, one thing was clear to me and to the people who were with me then: We needed to do things differently – there was no space in this crowded industry for yet ‘another’ tire supplier! So we started by finding out the “pain points” and discovered that tires made in China were starting to find a foothold in the United States but the inefficiencies were enough to prevent customers from taking advantage of an otherwise a strong commercial proposition. We started fixing some of the issues we encountered, providing the products the market needed, allowing customers to mix products from overseas in their orders, giving credit lines to domestic US customers…and business started to grow. With time all what we did became the norm in the industry. After all, it made perfect business sense.

We soon figured that the Chinese product lines would not be sufficient to offer our customers the comfort they needed, particularly because of the geo-political and trade situation between countries. We started to move some of our production to other countries such as Indonesia, India and Thailand, and as a result, when in 2009, the US imposed punitive tariffs on Chinese tire imports our business continued to grow as we were able to provide our customers with attractive alternatives.

But innovation is continuous and we embarked on other projects such as getting our flagship brand, Radar Tires, certified as the first 100% carbon neutral tire brand. We started testing our off road light truck tires in desert races against many of the well established premium and first-tire brands and started winning those races. We were sharing the podium with those brands and thus demonstrating our winning value proposition. To show our support to a great cause we partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and even launched a tire with a pink sidewall.

A few years back we noticed that the tire industry was probably one of the few industries with almost no interaction with the fashion world. We went on to develop a partnership with one of the most American fashion lifestyle brands to launch Timberland Tires, a first in the industry. This is the first-tire range that has been designed with sustainability in mind so that after the tire wears out, it will be reclaimed and recycled into the soles of Timberland’s boots! In addition to traditional distribution channels, we have developed a network of over 2,000 installers ready to fit the tires our customers buy online at

We will continue to innovate and to find new ways to provide a better service for our customers.

Stay tuned.

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GS Sareen
Founder & CEO, Omni United