Value Chain

A Global Footprint With A Sustainable Value Chain

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Omni United strives to deliver innovative products of outstanding quality and value to our consumers. Over the last decade, as we have grown, so has the impact of our activities in the world. We proactively engage and influence all functions of our value chain towards sustainable mobility. We are aware of the impact of our operations and the products on the environment and aim to reduce their effect progressively in collaboration with our external partners.

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Product Design

Combining Function, Design, Value

Our DESIGN process begins at our headquarters in Singapore where our team of designers and engineers are constantly seeking new ways to improve people’s driving experience by combining good design, safety, function, good quality and value. Each product starts with a functional need and a price. We then use our knowledge to ensure the development of products using the appropriate raw materials and manufacturing processes.

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Speed & Flexibility Through A Global Footprint

Over the years we have developed long lasting relationships with numerous manufacturing partners across continents. Currently, we manufacture our products in 16 facilities in multiple countries around the world, from China to India, Thailand, Indonesia and the US. This access to manufacturing on a global scale and across multiple product types and market segments is cornerstone to our company’s sourcing flexibility and contributes to our ability to fulfill in an efficient, timely and cost effective way all of our customer requirements and adapt quickly to global market trends in the tire industry. Omni United is committed to full compliance with environmental statues and regulations applicable to tires. We work with our partners to implement smart production processes to provide healthy and safe working environments, while reducing resource consumption and limiting our environmental impact.


Supply Chain

Ensuring Our Products Reach Their Destination On Time, Every Time

Our responsibility does not end after our products leave our manufacturing facilities. Omni United continues to be deeply involved in every stage in the supply chain from the moment a product leaves one of our production sites, until is delivered to our customers. We ensure that our products are available to our customers when they need them, in perfect condition and at minimum cost, a challenge that requires detailed planning and flexibility in today’s fast-paced environment. We strive to continuously improve our consumer experience and reduce the impact of our logistics’ environmental footprint by getting our products to customer in the most direct and cost-effective way, and with the least harm to the environment.



Thinking Differently

Our vision for sustainability is to have, over the next few years, all our products recycled at the end of their useful life. Our first project in that direction is the recent launch of Timberland Tires, which have been designed with sustainability in mind. They feature a carefully formulated rubber compound that makes it easier to be recycled. Once the tread wears out Timberland Tires are to be re-claimed, separated and recycled into Timberland® footwear, rather than exported, or ending up in landfills. To establish this we have enlisted the collaboration and support of Liberty Tire, the largest tire collector and recycler in the US. We aim to further our recycling efforts by engaging with specialists, educational institutes and experts to uncover new and alternate applications to for recycled rubber.