Dimax AS8

The Dimax AS8 is a premium all-season sport touring tire that takes its styling cues from the Dimax R8+. This range has been designed for high performance cars and SUVs. The Dimax AS8 offers an optimal combination of traction, precise handling and exceptional mileage making it the ideal choice for drivers looking for high performance and total assurance in all-seasons.


  1. Soft asymmetric pattern with large lateral grooves
  2. Optimized tread compound technology
  3. Large number of lateral sipes


  1. Good traction and even wear
  2. Exceptional tread wear (UTQG: 600AA)
  3. Enhanced traction in snow and slush conditions
16 205/55R16  91V  
205/60R16  92V  
205/65R16  95V  
215/55R16  93V  
215/60R16  95V  
215/65R16  98V  
225/55R16  95V  
225/60R16  102V  XL
225/65R16  100H  
235/60R16  100V  
235/65R16  103H  
235/70R16  106H  
17 205/50ZR17  93W  XL
215/45ZR17  91W  XL
215/50ZR17  95W  XL
215/55R17  94V  
215/60R17  100H  XL
215/65R17  103H  XL
225/45ZR17  94W  XL
225/50ZR17  98W  XL
225/55R17  101V  XL
225/60R17  103V  XL
225/65R17  106V  XL
235/45ZR17  97W  XL
235/55R17  103V  XL
235/60R17  102V  
235/65R17  108V  XL
245/45ZR17  99W  XL
245/65R17  107H  XL
255/65R17  110H  
265/65R17  112H  
265/65R17  116V  XL
18 215/55R18  99V  XL
225/40ZR18  92W  XL
225/45ZR18  95W  XL
225/50ZR18  99W  XL
225/55R18  102V  XL
225/60ZR18  104W  XL
235/45ZR18  98W  XL
235/50R18  101V  XL
235/55R18  104V  XL
235/60R18  107V  XL
245/40ZR18  97W  XL
245/45ZR18  100W  XL
245/60R18  105V  
255/55ZR18  109W  XL
255/65R18  115H  XL
265/60R18  114V  XL
275/65R18  116H  
19 225/55R19  103V  XL
235/40ZR19  96W  XL
235/45ZR19  99W  XL
235/50ZR19  103W  XL
235/55R19  105V  XL
245/40ZR19  98W  XL
245/45ZR19  102W  XL
245/55R19  107V  XL
255/40ZR19  100W  XL
255/45ZR19  104W  XL
275/35ZR19  100W  XL
285/40ZR19  103W  
20 235/55ZR20  102W  
235/55ZR20  105W  XL
245/35ZR20  95W  XL
245/40ZR20  99W  XL
245/45ZR20  103W  XL
245/50R20  102V  
255/40ZR20  101W  XL
255/45ZR20  105W  XL
255/50ZR20  109W  XL
255/55ZR20  110W  XL
265/45ZR20  108W  XL
265/50R20  111V  XL
265/50ZR20  111W  XL
275/35ZR20  102W  XL
275/40ZR20  106W  XL
275/45ZR20  110W  XL
275/55R20  117V  XL
275/60R20  115V  
285/50ZR20  116W  XL
295/35ZR20  105W  XL
22 235/30ZR22  90Y  XL
245/30ZR22  92W  XL
255/30ZR22  95W  XL
265/35ZR22  102V  XL
265/40ZR22  106W  XL
275/50R22  111H  
285/40R22  110V  XL
285/45ZR22  114W  XL
295/25ZR22  97Y  XL
305/40ZR22  114W  XL
305/45R22  118V  XL
24 285/40R24  112V  XL
295/35R24  110V  XL
305/35ZR24  112V  XL
26 295/30ZR26  107W  XL
305/30ZR26  109W  XL