Dimax Classic

The Dimax Classic is a sport touring tire specially developed for classic cars. This range offers a combination of classic looks combined with modern materials that ensure the tire delivers exceptional handling, durability and comfort. Available in a white sidewall and a sophisticated black sidewall finish.


  1. Specially formulated tread compound
  2. Sport touring tread pattern
  3. Vintage tread and sidewall design


  1. Offers higher mileage
  2. Delivers shorter braking distance
  3. Classic aesthetics for classic/vintage vehicles
12 125R12  62S
125R12  62S  (WSW)
13 185/70R13  86V*
14 185/70R14  88V*
185/70R14  88V  (WSW)*
205/70R14  95W*
15 155R15  82S
155R15  82S  (WSW)
15 165R15  87V*
165R15  87V  (WSW)*
185R15  93V*
185/70R15  89V*
185/70R15  89V  (WSW)
205/70R15  96V
205/70R15  96W*