Renegade Classic

The Renegade Classic is the all new Classic range that is designed for classic/vintage 4×4 vehicles. This tire features the latest in design, development, materials and manufacturing techniques combined with the look that classic/vintage 4×4 vehicles need. The Renegade Classic has been designed to complete the look of your beloved project, whilst giving you the assurance of a quiet, comfortable ride and exceptional handling and grip.



1. Latest tread compound and construction technology 1. Exceptional handling and grip
2. Modern take on the classic/vintage 4×4 tread design with optimized tread pitch technology, to give an authentic feel to your classic 4×4 2. Quiet and comfortable ride
3. Available in both white and black side sidewall options 3. Provides a sophisticated look for your classic/antique/vintage 4×4
13 145R13 74Q
16 7.50R16 112/110N D
7.50R16 121/120Q E