RW 5 Ice Lock

The RW 5 Ice Lock is a dedicated winter tire within the Radar Tires winter family. It is designed for severe snow and ice conditions. This is a studdable tire and utilizes a soft winter compound that offers good grip and braking in ice and snow conditions. Popular vehicle segments include cars. All sizes have the three peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol that is officially approved for winter use.


  1. Special Y shaped directional pattern design with high Density 3D sipes
  2. Soft winter compound
  3. Studdable design


  1. Increased mechanical grip on ice and snow
  2. Improved handling on snow and ice
  3. Allows studs to be added for increased ice traction
15 185/65R15  88T  
195/65R15  91T  
16 205/55R16  91T  
205/60R16  92T  
215/65R16  102T  XL
17 225/65R17 102T