RW 5

The RW 5 is a snow and ice tire from the Radar Tires winter family. This range has been designed for compact and mid-size cars as well as SUVs. It delivers good grip in wet, snow and slush conditions making it an ideal choice for balanced performance in all winter conditions.


  1. Directional, V shaped tread pattern with two wide main grooves
  2. Sawtooth shaped design on the tread
  3. Advanced silica tread compound


  1. Enhanced winter traction
  2. Safety with shorter braking distance
  3. Good performance in all winter conditions
14 175/65R14  82T  
175/65R14  86T  XL
185/60R14  82H  
185/60R14  82T  
185/65R14  86T  
185/65R14  90H  XL
185/70R14  88T  
15 185/65R15  88T  
185/65R15  92H  XL
195/55R15  85H  
195/60R15  88H  
195/60R15  88T  
195/65R15  91T  
195/65R15  95H  XL
195/65R15  95T  XL
205/65R15  94H  
205/65R15  94T  
205/70R15  96T  
215/70R15  98T  
215/75R15  100T  
16 205/55R16  91H  
205/55R16  91T  
205/55R16  94H  XL
205/55R16  94V  XL
215/55R16  97H  XL
215/55R16  97V  XL
215/60R16  99H  XL
215/65R16  102H  XL
215/65R16  98H  
215/70R16  100H  
225/60R16  102H  XL
235/70R16  109H  XL
17 215/55R17  98V  XL
215/60R17  100H  XL
215/60R17  96H  
225/45R17  94V  XL
225/50R17  98V  XL
225/55R17  101V  XL
225/60R17  103H  XL
225/60R17  99H  
225/65R17  102H  
225/65R17  106H  XL
235/55R17  103V  XL
235/65R17  108H  XL
235/65R17  108V  XL
18 225/40R18  92V  XL
225/45R18  95V  XL
235/40R18  95V  XL
235/45R18  98V  XL
235/60R18  107V   XL
255/55R18  109H  XL