The RZ 500 is a summer ultra high performance tire. This range is designed for mid-size to executive cars to provide a combination of durability, good handling and exceptional performance. The RZ 500 offers everyday performance you can count on.


  1. Asymmetric tread design
  2. Functional rim protectors
  3. Optimized tread pitch sequence


  1. Quick steering response and good cornering stability
  2. Enhanced protection for rims
  3. Quiet driving experience
16 225/55 R16 99W XL
17 205/45 R17 88W XL
205/40 R17 84W XL
215/45 R17 91W XL
215/40 R17 87W XL
225/55 R17 101W XL
225/45 R17 94W XL
235/55 R17 103W XL
235/45 R17 97W XL
18 215/45 R18 89W XL
215/40 R18 85W
225/45 ZR18 95W XL
225/40 R18 92W XL
235/40 R18 95W XL
235/45 ZR18 98Y XL
19 235/35 R19 91W XL