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About Us

Omni United is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing tire companies in the world. From affordable to premium, from consumer to commercial and industrial tires, we are passionate about our portfolio of brands and our loyal customers around the world. Our range of in-house brands includes Radar Tires our flagship brand, Patriot Tires and American Tourer. In addition, we distribute and market Roadlux Tires exclusively across different geographies.

Our Story

Omni United was founded in 2003 in Singapore by G S Sareen, who successfully identified the market opportunity available to an efficient, customer-service oriented and design-driven global tire supplier, with state-of-the-art logistics and supply chain management.

In the early years, our business model was that of a simple tire distribution pipeline between Asia and the US market. Our model focused on leveraging the low production costs of Asian countries and providing a solution to the supply chain inefficiencies then prevailing in the market. Our company’s unique strength was providing to our US customers end-to-end value added services such as access to reliable and consistent sourcing, efficient and flexible logistics, product development and impeccable customer service, which, at that time many other Asian tire suppliers were unable to provide to the levels expected by US tire distributors and retailers.

Our company grew rapidly and in 2006 Omni United was rated among the fastest growing companies in Singapore by the Economic Development Board of Singapore, achieving nearly US$30 million in revenues in just 3 years since its inception.

However, to succeed on a larger scale, we needed to create a brand capable of reaching a wider audience globally. In 2006, Omni United launched its flagship brand, Radar Tires, which addressed the market need for a design driven, high quality yet affordable tire brand. The brand was an instant success and became a key growth driver for Omni United, and the company expanded its distribution to multiple countries.

Today Omni United boasts a unique brand portfolio and a global manufacturing and distribution footprint. Our revenues and volumes have grown exponentially and we have enjoyed consistent double digit growth every year since the company was founded, reaching over 5 million tires produced and sold while achieving industry-leading double-digit operating profit margins.