Matt Ferrato Primed For Repeat Class 12 Victory At 50th Anniversary Score BAJA 500

TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN, May 28th, 2018 – The much-anticipated 50th Anniversary SCORE International Baja 500 has the potential to be the longest and one of the hottest races in recent history. With the course hitting a race-record 542 miles, competitors at this year’s Baja 500 will run clockwise, starting and finishing in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, the seaside port on the Pacific Ocean, 80 miles south of San Diego.

For racer Matt Ferrato, the race will be a chance to defend his 2017 Baja 500 Class 12 win. The Hollywood Way BBQ / Radar Tires Class 12 team is prepared to overcome all the challenges of this year’s course, to secure back-to-back Class 12 wins. Primed with their winning combination of drivers from 2017, Ferrato will start the race, with co-driver Mike Majesky taking over beach side. Majesky has multiple Baja wins in class 10 on Radar Tires. The team has made some upgrades to their vehicle, including a new motor, upgraded electrical and cooling.

“We are carefully planning, preparing and pre-running for this year’s Baja 500” said Ferrato, “We understand it’s going to be hot, and competition is always strong. We’re going to do our best to stay ahead of them by being prepared for every scenario. We are all pumped and excited for this 50th Baja 500 race!”

This year’s 500 is primed to throw everything Baja has at the racers – with the annual event traversing through high-speed dirt trails, sand, rocks, silt, natural terrain, washes and canyons – a perfect combination for the teams Radar Renegade R5 tires. The desert is a perfect fit to utilize the durability of the Radar Renegade. In his 2017 win, Ferrato only had to utilize four tires.

The staggered start begins Saturday, June 2nd at approx. 8 a.m. for the cars and trucks. For more information on the Baja 500, and to watch live pre-race and race day coverage, please visit


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