Angler RST22

The Angler RST 22 is an all-season trailer tire that is designed for travel trailers, boat trailers, pop-up campers and all high-load carrying trailers including utility. This range offers increased traction, strength and high load carrying capacity with greater control.


  1. Open tread shoulders
  2. Robust casing developed to carry heavy loads
  3. 13” to 16” rim diameters


  1. Increased Traction
  2. High load carrying capacity
  3. Key trailer fitments
13 ST175/80R13 91/87L C
14 ST205/75R14 105/101L D
ST215/75R14 102/98L C
15 ST205/75R15 107/102L D
ST225/75R15 117/112L D
16 ST235/80R16 123/119L E
ST235/85R16 128/124L F