Argonite 4 Season RV-4S

The Argonite 4 Season RV-4S is an All-Weather van tire designed for year round use. Developed and engineered for light commercial vehicles, this tire is the ideal choice for drivers seeking excellent handling, high mileage, high load carrying capability, low rolling resistance and great performance in all weather conditions. All sizes have the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol (3PMSF) and are officially approved for winter use. Available in a variety of fitments for small, medium and large vans.



  1. Symmetric tread pattern with three circumferential grooves provides aquaplaning resistance on wet roads and high density sipes provide exceptional grip on wet, slush and snow.
  1. Safety in all weather conditions
  1. Unique dual compound technology that keeps the tire flexible in both hot summer weather and cold winter temperatures.
  1. Optimal traction in all seasons
  1. Reinforced construction using the latest materials and techniques provides stability and high load carrying capability.
  1. Reinforced for robustness
15 195/70R15C  104/102R
225/70R15C  112/110R
16 195/65R16C  104/102R
195/75R16C  107/105R
205/65R16C  107/105T
215/65R16C  109/107T
225/65R16C  112/110S
235/65R16C  115/113R
235/65R16C  121/119R*
17 215/60R17C  109/107T*
225/55R17C  109/107H*
235/60R17C  117/115R*

* Coming soon