Argonite Alpine

The Argonite Alpine has been designed for light commercial applications. This range provides drivers improved performance in all winter conditions and optimizes stability, high load carrying capability and durability.



  1. High density of zig-zag sipes help increase the grip on snow and slush which provides excellent steering and handling performance. Optimized tread compound with advanced synthetic polymers and silica ensure that the rubber stays grippy in wet and cold weather conditions
  1. Safety in all winter conditions
  1. Optimized pattern and construction results in a contact patch that has been optimised to ensure predictable cornering and handling.
  1. Total control and stable handling
  1. Reinforced casing and robust steel belts ensure that the vehicle will be stable whilst under heavy and light loads.
  1. High load carrying capability
17 215/60R17C  109/107T
225/55R17C  109/107T
235/60R17C  117/115R
16 185/75R16C  104/102R
195/65R16C  104/102T
195/75R16C  110/108R
205/65R16C  107/105T
215/65R16C  109/107R
235/65R16C  115/113R
235/65R16C  121/119R