Argonite Winter Sport

The Argonite Winter Sport has been developed to offer drivers excellent mileage, safety and regular wear in wet and winter conditions. Featuring a winter specific tread pattern, an enhanced profile and an all new tread compound to provide it with all the attributes drivers are looking for in a premium winter van tire.



  1. Specially formulated Silica tread compound provides maximum safety on wet, slush and snow.
  1. Safety in all winter conditions
  1. The enhanced tread profile combined with the innovative tread design provides safety on both urban streets and country roads in all winter conditions.
  1. Control and stable handling
  1. Reinforced construction using the latest materials and techniques provides stability and high load carrying capability.
  1. High load carrying capacity
15 195/70R15C  104/102R*
225/70R15C  112/110R*
16 195/65R16C  104/102R*
195/75R16C  107/105R*
205/65R16C  107/105T*
215/65R16C  109/107T*
225/65R16C  112/110S*
235/65R16C  115/113R*
235/65R16C  121/119R*
17 215/60R17C  109/107T*
225/55R17C  109/107H*
235/60R17C  117/115R*

* Coming soon