Centigrade Cargo

The Centigrade Cargo has been specifically designed for light commercial applications and provides drivers improved performance in all winter conditions, even wear and high load carrying capability.



  1. Specially formulated Silica tread compound combined with advanced zig-zag sipes provides maximum safety on wet, slush and snow.
  1. Safety in all winter conditions
  1. Optimized tread design with higher block edge density significantly boosts traction when braking and cornering on wet, slush and snow conditions.
  1. Control and stable handling
  1. Reinforced construction using the latest materials and techniques provides stability and high load carrying capability.
  1. High load carrying capability
15 195/70R15C  104/102R  
215/70R15C  109/107R  
225/70R15C  112/110R  
16 185/75R16C  104/102R  
195/65R16C  104/102R  
195/75R16C  107/105R  
205/65R16C  107/105R  
215/65R16C  109/107R  
235/65R16C  115/113R  
235/65R16C  121/119R