Centigrade Plus

The Centigrade Plus is the latest addition to the Centigrade range and has been developed to meet the needs of the winter driver in terms of safety and performance on all road surfaces encountered during winter months. It has been developed to achieve maximum safety and control in all winter conditions.



  1. High density sipes provide increased flexibility and traction for additional grip on snow whilst the block geometry provides good dry and wet braking.
  1. Safety in all winter conditions
  1. The directional design provides high level of traction on snow even in the most severe conditions.
  1. Control and driving precision
  1. Optimized casing profile and computer optimized pitch sequence ensure a quiet and comfortable ride.
  1. Maximum driving comfort
16 215/65R16  98H  
215/65R16  102H  XL
215/70R16  104H  XL
245/70R16  111H  XL
17 215/60R17  100H  XL
225/45R17  91H  
225/45R17  94V  XL
225/60R17  103H  XL
225/65R17  106H   XL
235/60R17  106H  XL
235/65R17  108H  XL
265/65R17  116H  XL
18 225/40R18  92V  XL
235/60R18  107H  XL
245/45R18  100V  XL
255/55R18  109H  XL
19 255/50R19 107V XL