Dimax Alpine

The Dimax Alpine is the all new winter range that has been designed and developed to meet the needs of the European winter driver. This range offers safety and excellent performance in Alpine winter conditions. The sizes fit popular passenger cars, CUVs and SUVs.



  1. High density of zig-zag sipes help increase the grip on snow and slush which provides excellent steering and handling performance. Optimised tread compound with advanced synthetic polymers and silica ensure that the rubber stays grippy in wet and cold weather conditions
  1. Excellent steering and handling performance in wet, slush and snow
  1. Directional tread design offers improved self-cleaning action on wet and slushy roads, as well as optimizing gripping edges on snowy roads.
  1. Prevents slush-planing and aqua-planing
  1. Optimized pattern design featuring more gripping edges providing increased grip on snow and ice for a shorter braking distance.
  1. Shorter braking distance
20 275/45R20 110V XL
18 215/55R18  99V  XL*
225/40R18  92V  XL*
225/45R18  95V  XL*
225/55R18  102V  XL*
225/60R18  104V  XL*
235/45R18  98V  XL*
235/50R18  101V  XL*
235/55R18  104V  XL*
235/60R18  107V  XL*
245/40R18  97V  XL*
245/45R18  100V  XL*
255/55R18  109V  XL*
17 205/50R17  93V  XL*
205/55R17  95V  XL*
215/55R17  94V  XL*
215/60R17  100V  XL*
225/45R17  91V*
225/45R17  94V  XL*
225/50R17  94V*
225/50R17  98V  XL*
225/55R17  101V  XL*
225/55R17  97V*
225/60R17  103V  XL*
225/65R17  106H  XL*
16 195/55R16  91H  XL
205/55R16  91H  
205/55R16  94H  XL
205/60R16  92H  
205/60R16  96H  XL
215/55R16  93H  
215/55R16  97H  XL
215/60R16  99H  XL
215/65R16  102H  XL
225/55R16  99H  XL
15 185/60R15  88T  XL
185/65R15  88T  
185/65R15  92T  XL
195/55R15  89H  XL
195/65R15  91H  
195/65R15  91T  
195/65R15  95H  XL

*Coming soon