Dimax Winter Sport

The Dimax Winter Sport is the Alpine winter tire range designed for modern high-end premium vehicles. This range has been designed to achieve maximum safety, control and performance in all winter weather conditions.



  1. Advanced Silica filled winter tread compound that keeps the tire flexible even in freezing conditions allowing the tread to grip better in wet, slush and snow.
  1. Safety in all winter conditions
  1. A combination of high density sipes and lateral grooves provides efficient water clearance and hydroplaning resistance in cold weather conditions.
  1. Control and driving precision
  1. Optimized casing profile and computer optimized pitch sequence ensures a quiet and comfortable ride.
  1. Maximum driving comfort
16 195/55R16  91H  XL*
205/55R16  91H  *
205/55RF16  91V  RFT*
205/55R16  94V  XL*
205/60RF16  92H  RFT*
205/60R16  96H  XL*
215/55R16  97V  XL*
215/60R16  99H  XL*
215/65R16  102H  XL*
215/70R16  100H  *
225/55R16  99H  XL*
225/70R16  107H  XL*
235/60R16  100H  *
235/70R16  106H  *
17 205/45R17  88V  XL*
205/45RF17  88V  XL, RFT*
205/50RF17  93H  XL, RFT*
205/50R17  93V  XL*
205/55RF17  91H  RFT*
205/55R17  95V  XL*
215/45R17  91V  XL*
215/50R17  95V  XL*
215/55R17  98V  XL*
215/60R17  100H  XL*
215/65R17  103H  XL*
225/45RF17  91H  RFT*
225/45R17  94V  XL*
225/50RF17  94V  RFT*
225/50R17  98V  XL*
225/55R17  101V  XL*
225/55RF17  97H  RFT*
225/60RF17  99H  RFT*
225/60R17  103H  XL*
225/65R17  106H  XL*
235/45R17  97V  XL*
235/55R17  103H  XL*
235/65R17  108H  XL*
18 215/55R18  99H  XL*
225/40R18  92V  XL*
225/45R18  95W  XL*
225/55R18  102H  XL*
225/60R18  104V  XL*
225/60RF18  104V  XL, RFT*
235/50R18  101V  XL*
235/55R18  104H  XL*
235/60R18  107V  XL*
245/40R18  97V  XL*
245/45R18  100V  XL*
245/45RF18  100V  XL, RFT*
245/50RF18  100H  RFT*
245/50R18  104V  XL*
255/55R18  109V  XL*
255/55RF18  109V  XL, RFT*
19 235/35R19  91V  XL*
235/55R19  105V  XL*
255/40R19  100V  XL*
255/50R19  107V  XL*
255/50RF19  107V  XL, RFT*
255/55R19  111V  XL*
255/55RF19  111V  XL, RFT*
20 255/45R20  105V  XL*
255/45RF20  105V  XL, RFT*
255/50R20  109V  XL*
21 295/35R21 107V XL*

* Coming soon