Patriot H/T

The Patriot H/T is an all season, highway tire that is designed for SUVs and light trucks. This range offers drivers a unique combination of good grip on both wet and dry surfaces with high mileage and high load carrying capabilities. Another notable feature of this range is its quiet and comfortable ride.


  1. Symmetric rib design
  2. Optimized block arrangement design
  3. Optimized grooves with good land to sea ratio


  1. Enhanced steering stability and highway driving performance
  2. Quiet and comfortable ride
  3. High mileage and high load carrying capability
15 235/75R15 109H XL
16 215/70R16  104H  XL
LT215/85R16  115/112S  E
225/70R16  107H  XL
LT225/75R16  115/112S  E
235/70R16  106H
LT235/85R16  120/116Q  E
LT245/75R16  120/116S  E
265/70R16  112H
LT265/75R16  123/120Q  E
17 LT235/80R17  120/117Q  E*
245/70R17  114H  XL
LT245/70R17  119/116S  E*
LT245/75R17  121/118Q  E*
265/70R17  115H
LT265/70R17  121/118S  E
18 LT265/70R18  124/121S  E*
LT275/65R18  123/120S  E*
LT275/70R18  125/122S  E*
20 LT265/60R20  121/118S  E*
275/60R20  116T*
LT275/65R20  126/123S  E*
LT285/60R20  125/122S  E*

*=Coming Soon