Patriot RB-1

The Patriot RB-1 is a touring tire that has been designed for most compact and mid-size cars. This is a value offering and is an ideal choice for drivers who are looking for both affordability and reliability. This range is produced in a state-of-the-art factory using all the latest equipment and technology.


  1. Soft asymmetric tread compound
  2. Wide circumferential grooves
  3. Light weight construction


  1. Even tread wear
  2. Good water clearance
  3. Low rolling resistance
14 175/65R14  86T  XL*
175/70R14  88T  XL*
185/60R14  82H* 
185/65R14  86T  
185/70R14  88T*  
195/70R14  91T  
15 175/65R15  84H*  
185/60R15  88H  XL*
185/65R15  92V  XL
195/50R15  82V*  
195/55R15  85V*  
195/60R15  88H  
195/65R15  91H  
205/60R15  91V  
205/65R15  94H  
205/70R15  96H  
215/70R15  98H  
16 195/55ZR16  87W*  
205/55R16  91V  
205/60R16  92V  
215/55R16  93V  
215/60R16  99H  XL
215/65R16  102H  XL
225/60R16  98H  
225/55ZR16  99W  XL*
17 215/55ZR17 94W

*=Coming Soon