Renegade A/T5

The Renegade A/T5 is an all-season, all-terrain tire within the Radar Tires Renegade family. The pinnacle of the all-terrain offerings from Radar Tires, this range has been designed for SUVs and light trucks. The A/T5 features the innovative and unique stone-ejector-technology that prevents stones from drilling and lodging in the tread. It has been test proven against the best competitors in the toughest terrains. This makes it an ideal choice for those who like to venture off-road but need an assured ride on-road as well.



1. Wide center tread blocks 1. Enhanced stability, handling and even treadwear
2. Multiple sipes 2. Good all-terrain traction
3. New Stone-Ejector-Technology 3. Help prevent stones from drilling and lodging in the tread
4. 3 ply construction 4. Increased stability and resistance to punctures
15 205/70R15  100H  XL
235/75R15  109T  XL
31×10.50R15LT  109S  C
16 205/80R16  104T  XL
205R16C  110/108S  
235/70R16  106H  
245/70R16  111H  XL
245/75R16  111T  
255/70R16  111H  
265/70R16  112H  
265/75R16  116S  
LT225/75R16  115/112R  E
LT235/85R16  120/116S  E
LT245/75R16  120/116R  E
LT265/75R16  123/120R  E
LT285/75R16  126/123R  E
17 245/65R17  111H  XL
245/70R17  110T  
265/65R17  116T  XL
265/70R17  115H  
LT235/80R17  120/117S  E
LT245/70R17  119/116S  E
LT245/75R17  121/118S  E
LT255/75R17  111/108Q  E
LT265/70R17  121/118S  E
LT285/70R17  121/118S  E
35×12.50R17LT  121R  E
18 265/65R18  114H  
275/65R18  116T  
LT265/70R18  124/121S  E
LT275/65R18  123/120S  E
LT275/70R18  125/122S  E
LT285/65R18  125/122S  E
35×12.50R18LT  123S  E
35×12.50R18LT  128Q  F
20 255/55R20  110H  XL
265/50R20  112V  XL
275/45R20  110H  XL
275/55R20  117H  XL
275/60R20  119H  XL
285/50R20  116V  XL
305/50R20  120H  XL
LT265/60R20  121/118S  E
LT275/65R20  126/123S  E
LT285/55R20  122/119S  E
LT295/55R20  123/120S  E
LT295/60R20  126/123S  E
LT295/65R20  129/126S  E
LT305/55R20  121/118S  E
LT305/55R20  125/122Q  F
33×12.50R20LT  114Q  E
33×12.50R20LT  119Q  F
35×12.50R20LT  121S  E
35×12.50R20LT  125Q  F
37×12.50R20LT  126R  E
22 275/40R22  108V  XL
285/45R22  114V  XL
305/40R22  114H  
305/45R22  118S  XL
LT285/50R22  121/118R  E
LT325/50R22  122S  E
33×12.50R22LT  109Q  E
33×12.50R22LT  114Q  F
35×12.50R22LT  117Q  E
35×12.50R22LT  121Q  F
37×12.50R22LT  123Q  E
37×12.50R22LT  127Q  F

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