American Tourer RP88

The American Tourer RP88 is a touring tire range that is designed for compact to large sedans. This range offers high driving stability, good traction on wet roads and a quiet ride.


  1. Variable Pitch tread pattern
  2. Continuous center rib
  3. Four grooves with open shoulder design


  1. Delivers a refined and quiet ride
  2. Improved handling and stability
  3. Efficient water evacuation
Rim Size
14 175/65R14  82H  
175/70R14  84T  
185/60R14  82H  
185/65R14  86H  
185/70R14  88T  
195/60R14  86H  
195/70R14  91T  
205/70R14  95T  
15 185/60R15  84H  
185/65R15  88H  
195/60R15  88H  
195/65R15  91H  
205/60R15  91H  
205/65R15  94H  
205/70R15  96H  
215/70R15  98H  
Rim Size
16 205/50R16  87V  
205/55R16  91V  
205/60R16  92H  
205/65R16  95H  
215/60R16  95H  
215/65R16  98H  
225/60R16  98H  
225/65R16  100H  
235/60R16  100H  
235/65R16  103H