RW 5 Ice/Ice SUV

The RW-5 ICE/ICE SUV is specifically designed for those who drive in extreme Nordic winter conditions. This studless range is an ideal choice for drivers looking for a high level of stability and control with superior driving comfort. It is specifically developed for owners of city/medium cars, premium sedans and SUVs.



  1. Super soft compounds that remain flexible even in extreme winter conditions combined with high sipe density allows better traction and braking safety.
  1. Safety in all winter conditions
  1. Zig-zag shaped sipes provide biting edges for increased mechanical grip on ice.
  1. Enhanced grip on ice
  1. High Density sipes combined with an increased footprint and improved pressure distribution allow for better snow retention and grip on hard packed snow.
  1. Maximum traction on snow
13 155/65R13 73T
14 175/70R14  84T  
185/60R14  82T  
15 185/60R15  84T  
195/65R15  91T  
235/75R15  105T  
16 195/55R16  87T  
205/55R16  91T  
205/55R16  94T  XL
205/60R16  96T  XL
215/60R16  99T  XL
265/70R16  112T  
17 215/50R17  91T  
225/55R17  101R  XL
225/60R17  99T  
245/45R17  95T  
245/65R17  107T  
265/65R17  112T  
18 215/55R18  95T  
225/55R18  98T  
235/50R18  97T  
235/55R18  100T  
235/65R18  106T  
245/45R18  100T  XL
245/60R18  105T  
19 235/55R19  101T  
245/55R19  103T