American Tourer SA07

The American Tourer SA07 is an all-season sport touring tire range that is designed for high-performance cars and SUVs. This premium range offers drivers confident and progressive handling, good hydroplaning resistance, enhanced wet and dry traction and low rolling resistance.


  1. Asymmetric tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves
  2. Silica tread compound technology
  3. Functional rim protectors


  1. Offers quick and efficient water evacuation and enhanced wet handling
  2. Delivers low rolling resistance and good wet and dry traction
  3. Protects rims against curbing damage
Rim Size
16 195/45R16  84V  XL
205/55R16  91V
215/55R16  93V
225/55R16  95W
17 205/40ZR17  84W  XL
205/45ZR17  88W XL
205/50R17  89W
215/40ZR17  87W  XL
215/45ZR17  91W  XL
215/50R17  91W
215/55R17  94V
225/45ZR17  94W  XL
225/50R17  94W
225/55R17  97W
235/45ZR17  97W   XL
235/50R17  100W   XL
235/55R17  99W
245/40ZR17  95W XL
245/45ZR17  95Y
255/45ZR17  98W
Rim Size
18 215/35ZR18  84W  XL
215/40ZR18  89W  XL
215/45ZR18  89W
225/40ZR18  92W   XL
225/45ZR18  95W   XL
235/40ZR18  95W   XL
235/45ZR18  94Y
235/50R18  101W   XL
245/40ZR18  97Y  XL
245/45ZR18  96Y
245/50R18  100Y
19 225/40ZR19  93W  XL
245/40ZR19  94Y
255/35ZR19  96W   XL
255/40ZR19  100W   XL
20 245/35ZR20  95W  XL
265/50R20  111V  XL