American Tourer SU317 H/T

The American Tourer SU317 H/T is a P-metric, all-season highway terrain tire that is designed to fit on CUVs and SUVs. This range offers good mileage and a quiet and comfortable ride.


  1. Wide shoulder block design
  2. Advanced tread compound technology
  3. Asymmetric tread design


  1. Delivers stability and even wear
  2. Offers great control in wet and dry conditions
  3. Provides exceptional handling and good hydroplaning resistance
Rim Size
15 P235/75R15 105H
16 P215/65R16  98H
P215/70R16  100T
P225/70R16  103T
P225/75R16  104H
P235/70R16  106H
P245/70R16  107T XL
P255/65R16  109H
P255/70R16  111H
P265/70R16  112T
Rim Size
17 P225/65R17  102H
P235/65R17  104H
P245/65R17  107T
P265/70R17  115H