American Tourer SV308

The American Tourer SV308 is an all-season sport touring tire range that is designed for high-performance SUVs. This tire range offers precise and predictable handling, great traction on wet and dry highways, efficient water clearance and outstanding cornering grip.


  1. Silica-based tread compound
  2. Functional Rim Protectors
  3. Circumferential V-shaped grooves
  4. Solid center rib


  1. Provides good traction on wet and dry highways
  2. Protects the wheel rim from damage
  3. Promotes efficient water drainage
  4. Delivers stable center feel and outstanding wet traction when cornering
Rim Size
20 275/45R20  110H  XL
275/55R20  117H  XL
285/50R20  112H
22 265/35R22  98H
305/40R22  110H
305/45R22  118H  XL
24 305/35R24 112H XL